The Blood Curse of Biafra Genocide Upon Nigeria & the Jinx Called Ajaokuta Steel – LNC

by Mr. Tony Nnadi


(Natasha Hadiza Akpoti, a lawyer and social activist, hails from Okene in Kogi state, Nigeria. This young lady’s career, public and social activities are aptly captured in an interview with The Women’s Torch published at

This video shows Natasha Akpoti at the plenary session of Nigeria’s House of Representatives heartily addressing the mind-boggling shenanigans and intrigues that has surrounded the moribund Ajaokuta Steel Complex Project is one of the many proofs that Nigeria is the Criminal Enterprise set up by the British in 1914 and overseen today by their local agents, the Sokoto Islamic Caliphate.

As it is with Ajaokuta, so is it with National Shipping Lines, so with Nigeria Airways, so with NITEL et cetera. I could count more than 30 other Nigerian dead state-run enterprises nationwide. The governance mantra since the Civil War has been predicated on greed, avarice driven by the culture of consumption devoid of productivity. Dubious laws like so-called federal character and quota system were deployed to entrench mediocrity and undeserved protection from public accountability.

There is a very important aspect which Natasha’s presentation did not cover and which may indeed hold the key to unraveling the jinx represented by her narrative.

That aspect is called BIAFRA.

Beyond the excitement of monumental sleaze, I challenge those who wish to get to the root of the jinx driving the lunacy of self-lacerating larceny Nigeria has enacted in Ajaokuta to probe the circumstances under which Russia was called in immediately after the 1967-1970 Nigeria’s genocide of 3.5 million people in the Eastern Region called Biafra during those three dark years. Let those who wish to reach the truth find out what role Russia was commissioned to play in that horrendous genocide against innocent children, women and the infirm.

Under what arrangements did the killer machines in the sky called MIG jet fighters, the monstrous Ilyushin armored battle tanks and the notorious AK47 assault rifles, now the trade tool of the “Fulani Herdsmen” and their predecessor-in-deadly-mischief, Boko Haram, arrive the Nigerian geopolitical space?

How was the open order for this massive machinery of death supplied and paid for? How was the decision to further reward the merchants of death with Ajaokuta Steel project reached between 1967 and 1970?

Unless those who probe the regaling corruption that Ajaokuta Steel represents also find the courage to probe the blood-soaked foundation upon which the Ajaokuta Project was conceived and born, they will merely wander around in the bewildering forest of a Thousand Demons the world calls Nigeria. But the ghoulish voices and dance steps of restless spirits and ghosts of the 3.5 million Biafrans murdered by Nigeria and its foreign sponsors and collaborators, especially Britain, will rule that forest.

It is so very simple to banish the teaching and learning of History subject in school in order to cover the deeds of the Class of ’66. But the evil seeds they sowed have grown into the monstrous oaks and irokos we now call fancy names like corruption, debt buy-back, insurgency, insecurity, dilapidated infrastructure, collapsed value system and the like. Who can banish these monsters?

Genocide culminates in devolution

“Acting” president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo, Obasanjo & others face up to Nigeria’s past woes and the resultant future prospect.

Natasha Akpoti may, in fact, be a victim of this heinous concealment of facts of History by a dubious older generation and so, thinking that there is a “Nigeria” that can engender the kind of patriotic fervor required to salvage and mobilize aid for Ajaokuta, like Egyptian people rallied in support of the Suez Canal initiative with US$8 Billion challenge that got crowd-funded by Egyptians in 10 days. Let someone tell Natasha that more than 70% of those she calls Nigerians, including myself, are asking aloud “WHAT IS NIGERIA?” Until answers different from the definition of Nigeria imposed by the fraudulent 1999 Constitution are generated, we speak in absolute self-delusion when we pontificate about Nigeria with patriotic citizens.

The truth can be suppressed for a while, but it has a way of showing up at the most inconvenient juncture. Does anyone know where to find the miserable praying mantis called Yakubu Gowon, who leads the God-mocking group called Nigeria Prays? He should have all the details on how Russia got to Ajaokuta, in the first place.

There are many many other jinxes of Nigeria, beyond Ajaokuta, with similar roots in those 3 years of 1967-1970, including the massive death festivals being staged by the Fulani herdsmen militia, as we speak. The solutions lie in returning to the concealed truth. Genocide by the country against its own citizenry is evil, but concealment of that fact is lethal to the soul of Nigerian nationhood. Nothing else other than restoration of balance and equity implied in the 1st Republic regional federalism or disolution of the unitary nation birthed in the post-war era will set Nigerians free.

Tony Nnadi
Secretary-General, LNC