Nigeria in Transition: A Peep into the Workings of the LNC Referendum Template

August 10, 2018

(Being a Special Bulletin of the LNC following the public communication on the important PROJECT MILESTONE of the countrywide repudiation of the 1999 Constitution as the basis of Nigeria by its constituent component blocs).

This special bulletin which outlines the workings of LNC Referendum Template seeks to improve the understanding of the LNC Referendum Template and to offer those who embrace it a better grasp of the tasks associated with the workings of that template.

Nnadi is chief scribe for LNC

Mr. Tony Nnadi, a Lagos-based lawyer, is the Secretary-General of Lower Niger Congress (LNC).

The takeoff point is to clearly identify the project goal as the restoration of the Self-determination rights of peoples of the Lower Niger in deciding the constitutional arrangements under which they live (including protocols of coexistence with willing compatible, contiguities).

Next, is to recognize the import of the repudiation and wholesale decommissioning of the fraudulent 1999 Constitution and the emergence of the LNC-inspired 4-bloc Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) map, as the formation in which we are approaching the resolution of the “Mistake of 1914” we call Nigeria, foisted and propped up by the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution which currently defines and holds the union together.

The electoral shutdown inside 2018 (not a Boycott in 2019) being pursued by the LNC and its MNN alliance partners, is targeted at peacefully and consensually terminating the operation of the fraudulent and totally unworkable 1999 Constitution. The countrywide repudiation of the 1999 Constitution as the basis of Nigeria by regional constituent bodies is the enabling instrument for rejecting further national elections premised upon that repudiated constitution.

The next step in the roadmap is to find ways of advancing the distressed polity towards the logical consequence of the aforementioned regional repudiations by encouraging each bloc, which has already denounced the 1999 Constitution as basis of Nigeria, to give effect to that courageous act by halting ALL preparations for any further national polls, especially the scheduled 2019 general elections, premised on that 1999 Constitution. This is imperative, especially in the face of the unfolding highly inflammable APC/PDP partisan political frays that are reminiscent of the 1964-1965 election fiasco which ended up delivering a death blow to Nigeria by igniting the 1966-1970 conflagration called the “Nigeria-Biafra War”.

The imperative of stopping the descent into chaos is the crux and core of the ongoing electoral-shutdown campaign to stop the INEC-scheduled 2019 general elections NOW. This is the urgent task to which all those who want an end to master-servant Nigeria are being invited to get involved immediately.

The constitutional logjam already emerging from the aforementioned partisan political food fight in Abuja will present the badly fractured union with a fait accompli that will have no viable options for resolution outside the conduct of Referendums. The orderly shutdown (inside 2018) of preparations for the INEC-scheduled 2019 general elections, as being proposed by the LNC and its MNN Alliance partners, will remove the inevitable large-scale violence which can easily be sparked off by the escalating brigandage of politicians as we are already witnessing.

The framework and spadework for managing this logjam in a way that spotlights inevitability of the Referendum we seek has already been primed and activated, since 2015, by way of the regional charters for post-Nigeria protocols (including the Lower Niger Charter of Relationships mandated by the SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER held on April 27, 2015 in Port Harcourt). Also crucial are the LNC team’s undertakings in Washington, DC (US Congress and other major entities) and New York (UN Headquarters), both accomplished in 2015.

De-fulanization of Nigeria almost happened

Major Gideon Orkar and his co-plotters envisioned a Nigeria that would be ridden of Fulani hegemonic rule by the Sokoto Islamic Caliphate. Proponents of geopolitical restructuring envisage a polity delimited according to this MNN broken map of Nigeria.

In a few days from now, the LNC will roll out the reconfigured 3-million Referendum Volunteers Registration drive which was suspended temporarily in early 2017, shortly after it was launched, at the request of the various self-determination initiatives (particularly the Biafra agitation groups) in order to extend reasonable accommodation to them.

This reconfigured rollout will be accompanied by action processes that will interface with the current volatilities in the wobbling Nigerian polity, the looming constitutional logjam and the push towards the Referendum threshold (UN-backed).

Formal public communications specifying details of this rollout shall be forthcoming in days ahead.

In the meantime, the LNC urges all those who wish to play any meaningful role in the tasks ahead to acquaint themselves more thoroughly with the LNC’s referendum script processes by reading the many illuminating articulations posted routinely on the Facebook page of the Lower Niger Congress and the online NOTICE BOARD ( as well as by viewing the several LNC YouTube videos espousing various aspects of the roadmap to the Referendum. Search YouTube with the name “Lower Niger Congress” to access these videos and more.

Mr. Tony Nnadi
Secretary-General, Lower Niger Congress

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