PVCs & Youth-Presidency Movement Are Creations of European Intelligence to Retain Their Puppets in Control Over Nigeria – Says Joseph Okechukwu


Mr. Joseph Okechukwu is not a new face on the social media outlets dedicated to facilitating vibrant discourse pertaining to Nigeria and its political economy. This Youtube video by Mr. Okechukwu was inspired by the epiphanic revelations embodied in a recent video made by Babatunde Badamosi, a Lagos-based politician. As expected in a democracy, elections are supposed to provide the unique opportunity to the electorate to elect their new leaders and evaluate the performance of those in power, especially those who seek the extension of tenure. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has already earmarked middle of February 2019 as the D-day for commencing Nigeria’s next cycle of general elections. As observed by Badamosi, the INEC has, in many ways, perfected the commission’s scheme to assure the re-election bid of the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari and his ruling APC.

It is alleged, for example, that in Alimosho Local Council Area, for example, the INEC deliberately reduced polling units where voters can register on the voting day from 1,100 to one. That’s a marked reduction from what used to be as late as the 2015 general elections. This a deliberate policy being implemented to achieve voter suppression in some pre-identified jurisdictions, which are mostly in Southern Nigeria. The same video demonstrated that in the Northern Region of Nigeria (a. k. a. Arewa North) large stocks of so-called personal voter’s cards (PVCs) are set aside by the INEC to register foreigners pouring illegally into the country through the long porous borders with Moslem nations of Niger, Chad and even faraway Mali. While the INEC policy is aimed at voter suppression in the South, the reverse is the case in the North which is the bastion for the incumbent president’s support base. Is there any doubt regarding the electoral outcome that the INEC is determined to produce after the so-called polling day has come and gone?

This electoral heist being schemed in broad daylight by the INEC is too glaring for even the blind to see through it. Further serious indictments of the INEC include:

  1. Lopsided distribution of the PVCs to jurisdictions that support President Buhari while those supporting the opposition parties are given reduced quantities despite their large population of voting age.

  2. Deliberate advertorials are advanced through the print, electronic and social media to promote the so-called PVCs as if their acquisition can offer the relief which a broad cross-section of Nigerian constituents have been clamoring for over the years.

  3. Promotion of a pre-rigged 2019 general elections as means to divert attention from the escalating demand for a Referendum-based geopolitical Restructuring of the country before all else.

Mr. Okechukwu blames the European intelligence, probably spearheaded by the British MI5, to be responsible for introducing the so-called youth-presidency movement as a ruse for preempting and diverting the focus of the Nigerian youths away from the needful and to make them to dissipate their energies on trivialities that are destined to get nowhere or yield anything meaningful. The overall strategy is to put the youth’s zeal on hold while the finishing touches are given to the INEC-schemed electoral heist on behalf of the incumbent President Buhari and other minders of the unacceptable status quo. Combination of the PVC ruse and the youth-presidency bogie constitute a double whammy from which the dazed electorate cannot recover until the scheduled general elections have come and gone. Before the youths can fully appreciate the fact that they have been had, it shall be too late for anyone to do anything about the situation.

The most strident tongue lashing is set aside for the widely repudiated 1999 Constitution which, many have now come to understand to be the quasi-legal basis for all the ills that bedevil today’s Nigeria. The subsisting 1999 Constitution claims that it was written and ratified by “We the people….” while in fact, it was written and put into effect by General Abdulsalami Abubakar’s military regime through the issuance of Decree No 24 of 1999. The imposed fraudulent document, therefore, lacks the legitimacy to be the basis for conduction serial general elections for governing a democratic Nigeria. Hurrying to conduct yet another set of general elections based on the same document that underlies all Nigeria’s ills is akin to chasing the fleeing rodents while our collective homestead is being burnt to ashes.

Stop all Preparations for 2019 General Elections Now

This YouTube video has added a fresh powerful voice to the demand for cancelation or postponement of the INEC-scheduled 2019 general elections. The first important step is the demystification of the PVCs which are nothing more than pieces of plastic contrived for the sole purpose of hoodwinking the gullible youths into chasing after the wrong quarry while minders of the status reclaim a spurious mandate that they neither deserve nor merit. The electoral heists in the byelections in Ekiti and Rivers states have demonstrated the ineffectiveness and thus, the uselessness of the so-called PVCs.

INEC boss is integral part of the team

INEC Chairman, Yakubu Mahmood, is graduate of Uthman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto – the ivory tower of the 200-year-old Islamic Caliphate fully controlled by the Fulani aristocracy. He specialized in the political history of Nigeria.

The Middle Belt people, which used to be the metaphorical “willing tools” of the Arewa North since the colonial era, have finally found out the hard way that, unless they demand their freedom through the Referendum sooner, their constituents shall continue to be mowed down by the expansionist and irredentist Fulani ruling oligarchs who are now utilizing the deadly herdsmen militia terror army for ethnic cleansing of the region’s indigenous inhabitants. The South is now in sync with the Middle Belt by their conjoint demand for no more general elections, for now, and immediate embarkation of the UN-enabled Referendum to determine Nigeria’s ultimate fate.