Futility of Further General Elections in Today’s Nigeria; Brand-new Constitution Now, Not Elections


Yes, it is bewildering and confounding that Nigeria’s intellectual, business and political elite are gung-ho about the INEC-scheduled 2019 general elections while the constitution that defines the nation state is in dispute. Elections in a democracy are designed to verify the constituents’ approval and mandate every four years. Elections are not just about picking the people’s representatives and executive officers to oversee the government. It is also to leverage the accent of the populace for the overall direction of the Nigerian nation. On these two aspects, it is hard to make a case why conduct of general elections is the smartest top priority for a country where the Middle Belt is being ethnically cleansed of its indigenous peoples, the Boko Haram seizing territory in the Arewa Northeast and restive unemployed Lower Niger youths agitating for Biafra as a panacea for their unmet expectations in a UNITARY Nigeria.

This Blessedom YouTube video has thoroughly discussed the futility in gearing up for supposed democratic elections whose outcome has already been presaged by a cabal in charge of today’s UNITARY Nigeria. Buhari had failed three times before he won the presidency. One thing that was fully accomplished in the Buhari presidency is the total transfer of all the reins of power to the Fulani-dominated Arewa North. This deliberate consolidation of governance powers is no gimmick that ruling cabal would readily discard anytime soon. The firewall built to forestall and checkmate self-determination agonists’ escalating demand for immediate devolution is in the firm grasp of Fulani irredentist who are loyal to their Islam and feudal emirate rule founded by Uthman Dan Fodio. Why take the populace through the torturous journey that leads to nowhere, one would ask?

Blessedom observes that the top contending presidential candidates have not spared a moment to address the major issues that concern the future viability of Nigeria. The audacious murderous escapades of the Fulani herdsmen militia, smoldering menace of the terrorist Boko Haram insurgents in the Arewa Northeast, millions of disenchanted youths in eastern half of Southern Nigeria, the precipitous decline in the national economy, decay in infrastructure needed for delivering basic social services to the people are carefully avoided by both the “Atikulated” hopefuls and the sit-tight ruling cabal that has the reins of power in its firm grasp.

Many believe that the two parties, PDP and APC, are complementary faces of the same coin. There is hardly any ideological divide between former Vice President Abubakar Atiku and the incumbent President Buhari he wishes to replace in office.

Blessedom paid required attention to the 1999 Constitution which was fraudulently derived and forcefully imposed contrary to the routine practice in democracies worldwide. She posits that impositions in this supposed constitution are responsible for creating the highly corrupt atmosphere headquartered at the citadel of power in Abuja. The 1999 Constitutions has severally been rejected by all geopolitical zones in Nigeria, except the Arewa North. The consensus emerging is for a brand-new constitution to be written to replace the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution. If the INEC-scheduled general elections are scheduled with the aim to facilitate the derivation of a new constitution, one can see the logic for proceeding in current direction.

But the general elections being staged by the Buhari handpicked INEC Chairman, Mahmood Yakubu, is interested in accomplishing something else. The first goal is to earn the extension of legitimacy of the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution, even for another one year. As inevitable as the collapse of UNITARY Nigeria looks to the overwhelming majority of stakeholder constituents, the Fulani aristocracy has its mind and eyes fixated on dominating and Islamizing the entire country in the shortest possible time.