Tutorial for Black People on How to Attain Self-Determination, Take Over the World: Unite, Organize & Stop Worshiping White Man’s God


Some might say that Providence has not been kind to the Black man because of the sundry existential difficulties encountered by the contemporary African whose ancestral legacies have included slavery, colonization and treatment as sub-humans. But some would say that humanity has come a long way since today, slavery has been abolished, colonization is no longer in vogue and the doctrine of universal human rights has become the norm for international bodies to which all countries of the world are signatories. At least in theory, the prevalent world order has formalized the equality of man, irrespective of race, creed or cultural background. Since past practices often  don’t totally disappear from human experience in perpetuity, there are still isolated reportage of human enslavement as is being alleged in Libya, Mauritania, Sudan and elsewhere worldwide.

A variant of colonialism still exists in some post-colonial states in Africa as is being alleged in Nigeria where the Fulani ruling feudal aristocracy is said to be imposing its will on rest of the  country in a fashion that some consider to be internal colonialism. The savage butchery perpetrated by the terrorist Fulani herdsmen militia on indigenous ethnic nationalities of the Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria without any punitive consequences connotes official tolerance for gross violations of human rights in violation of global norms and standards.

Black people have lived in the Americas since the discovery of the New World in the late 15th Century AD. As was clearly narrated in this YouTube video, Black slave trade in America served as the greatest wealth-building tool in human history. Economic experts believe that the foundation of US capitalism, which has made the American nation to be today’s global superpower, was predicated on free labor from Black slaves brought from Africa. But since the formal abolition of slavery during the American Civil War, Blacks have gradually been assimilated and integrated into the US mainstream society. This process has not been without its problems, of course. Dr. Martin Luther-King, Jr., Malcolm X and others still had to wage very tough and deadly battles, a century after formal abolition of slavery, to secure respect and acknowledgement for the civil rights of Black Americans and other minorities who remained marginalized and segregated against in the society. This video appears to have been made to reflect on ongoing struggles by Blacks to seek equality of rights and opportunity for all Americans, even as we speak.

The narrator in this video is obviously a White man. He is of the view that, for the Black people to achieve self-determination or even dream of taking over the world, they must first learn to do three things: establish a unity of purpose, learn to organize and stop worshiping White man’s god (God/Allah). The video did quite a good job in listing the many woes that continue to dog the Black people’s quest to be treated as equals in mainstream America, in particular and on the global stage, in general. The methodology perfected by European Whites, such as dividing their perceived enemies in order to conquer them, was emphasized. Without unity of purpose among Blacks, they remain ever very susceptible to external domination and consequent exploitation, not only by the Whites, but also by all comers. Studies abound which illustrate that absence of capacity to grow and keep new wealth in Black-majority populations and neighborhoods simply because the entrepreneurial class does not unify and harmonize its activities so as to better exploit opportunities and cope with external competitors.

Perhaps, the most controversial component of the counsel is for Black people to stop worshiping the White man’s god which, in practice, implies the Christian God and the Islamic Allah. Historically, the Europeans’ Greek god, Zeus and the Arabian adaptation of Judaic God have generated Christianity and Islam which had inspired and introduced the doctrine of White superiority and Black inferiority into fashioning the world order that helped in justifying human enslavement as the acceptable means for religious conversion. According to Islamic scholars, Prophet Mohammed considered himself to be a White man and wrote exactly so in the Koranic scriptures that Muslims use today. Long before Europeans took the first slave out of Africa, Arab Muslim slave traders had ravaged and decimated indigenous populations of the African continent for several centuries. 

Need to convert indigenous peoples into Christianity or Islam had provided the rationale for justification of conquest and enslavement of the Black African. It is fact that despite the conversion to alien faiths and abandonment of their own indigenous gods and religious beliefs, Black people have still not earned the respect of the Europeans or the Arabs. What this video failed to explain is why reverting back to the indigenous African religious practice, which justified the conquest and enslavement of Black Africans in the first place, is now being proffered as the route to assert Black peoples’ self-determination or to foster their plausible ambition to take over the world. 

In totality, this YouTube video is food for thought for the contemporary Black African, including those presently domiciled in other parts of the world. The admonitions to aspire for unity of purpose, better organization and to revert back to the indigenous African religious practices are intrinsically sound. It must be understood, however, that the contemporary Black man is a byproduct of centuries of living within a world order that has historically looked down on things African with, of course, the exception of our Mother Continent’s abundant natural endowments which have been a great allure to alien cultures that have conquered, enslaved and colonized direct descendants of the Earth’s original man for as long as one can remember.

Maybe another video should be made to advise the White races domiciled in Europe, Middle East and elsewhere about how to better understand, appreciate and thus respect the Black African as direct descendants of the ancestral human whose cultural heritage and legacies may hold the key for the future survival of mankind.