How LNC, IPOB-DOS, MASSOB, Others Came Together to Found Lower Niger Independence Movement (LONIM) Is a Miracle

Israel clutches Bible right in the middle of United Nations General Assembly and then points to the road its people must tread. The road led them to become the only democracy throughout the Middle East and crowned it with a sovereign nationhood on May 15th, 1948. Israel approached the United Nations, second time with their Bible in hand, told the world body that Jerusalem is their capital. Today, it has come to fruition – Jerusalem is now increasingly being acknowledged as the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

God knew that without a written direction to guide his people on their way back to homeland (a. k. a. Biblical Palestine), their history will be obliterated. Through Moses, the divide guidance came. Generation after generation, Israel held this all-important written document close to heart. The world plotted to exterminate them – has killed them in hundreds, thousands and in millions. Yet, many other nations turn around and begin to copy, into their national constitutions, the very law of the people they had wanted to exterminate. The same laws of Moses favor the heathen nations but favored Israel more because, despite captivity and genocide, the Jews remain whom they are – dedicated and proud to be called Jews.

Biafrans are at crossroads, surrounded by heathen nations. Like our cousins in Israel, we’re killed in hundreds, thousands and in millions. General Ojukwu, our “Moses” and his 2nd in-command, General Effiong, received a law from God – the “Ahiara declaration” – beside the Hebrew Bible and gave it to us as a road map. It contains their experience and inspiration through torture and death which culminated in the birth of the Republic of Biafra; a child of circumstance pre-programmed by God of the Hebrews who led them out of bondage in faraway Middle East.

If God has spoken to Moses orally and disappeared, there wouldn’t have been a nation called Israel today. He spoke, and Moses heard his voice; he wrote, and Moses saw it on the table of stones. Biafra nation, in the same vein, came into existence, but initially without the “Ahiara Declaration” written on the table of stone or into a single document. Biafra quest would have been dead and buried if not for the intelligence and foresight of our fathers’ generation who quickly documented their past, present and projections into the future so that their dream for self-determination would live on.

After the Civil War, the enemy states, British imperialists and their Islamic savages from Northern Nigeria wished that the name Biafra had come to her terminal end by putting every satanic device in place to make it to happen that way. Those who came up flying Biafra flags in 1998 did not have the declaration scroll with them as a road map; they failed to actualize the sovereign state owing to that single blunder. Those that came after them, from 2012 to 2017, failed also to restore the sovereign state of Biafra because they too did not possess the scroll; they crashed like packs of cards irredeemably, I must confess. Prior to 2017 when the document was surprisingly excavated, the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) had been very instrumental, in the hands of God, in preparing a ground through which this rediscovery was made.

But the greatest celestial intervention came through the scattering of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), led by Nnamdi Kanu and Uche Mefor, to pave way for the emergence of Dr. Clifford Iroanya, Engr. Aniemena and Barrister Emma Nmezu and IPOB-Directorate of State (DOS) led by Mazi Uchenna Asiegbu. How the LNC and the team of Radio Biafra International (RBi) came to establish a coalition known as the Lower Niger Independent Movement (LONIM) remains a miracle, but not surprising. Why? In the Ahiara Declaration document, I discovered the secret method used by Israel to rise to the level where it is today. It reads, “The Biafra revolution will continue to discover and develop local talent and to use progressive foreign ideas and skills so long as they do not destroy the identity of our culture or distract from the sovereignty of our father land”. Ahiara Declaration page 13 of the original document.

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LONIM was established in 2017 Labor Day weekend in Washington, DC, USA by a coalition of self-determination protagonists in LNC, IPOB-DOS, MASSOB etc

This is why Israel rose economically, socioculturally and militarily as 3rd most powerful nation behind U S, EU and Russia combined, 25 years into the Jewish nation’s independence. The LNC had a clear vision of what the organization really wanted for its primary constituents in the Lower Niger. But what marvels this writer is that the leadership echelon of the LNC were also very cognizant of this 20-page historical Biafran Bible, “Ahiara Declaration”, before the coalition (LONIM) was formed in September 2017. Arch protagonists of the LNC are so accurate in their overall strategy, tactics and projections, just like Zionists who never took Europe, Russia or even United States as their own nation states because they have the road map, Torah, with them. While building or establishing industrial base anywhere on earth, the Israeli nation never loses focus.

I challenge you to listen to Israeli Prime Minister when he speaks; Israel remains the center piece of his local and foreign policy statements. To an average Israeli, there is no nation existing anywhere in the world without Israel. They’re so sure as they never ask anyone to become a Jew or try converting you into Judaism. They preach their God together with their science and announce who they’re to the world with their technology. These feats were amazingly not achieved after independent rule, but before it.

Where did they get the inspiration, courage and practice? The answer is the Bible; the road map and guide are there in their Torah. Many successes were achieved before Christ was born, which drew the attention of all the kings on earth to begin invading Jerusalem or Jewish temples; just to partake in sharing the cake from world-acclaimed richest and wisest humans on earth. From King Nebuchadnezzar to Alexander the Great, Roman to the British Empire, all partook in the attempt to wipe out the Jewish people and to permanently obliterate their names, culture and tradition from human memory. Are you not aware that the carriers of Torah (bearers), the priests and the prophets of Israel, all trained in the army? Same thing goes with Benjamin Netanyahu, the incumbent Prime Minister and many who serve in diplomatic missions? They put their God first.

Go to the “Ahiara Declaration” and you will find the same pattern for Biafra, its nation-building plans are well-laid-out. English language never overshadows the Hebrew native language; their culture, tradition and faith are inseparable. For example, a jet bomber in Hebrew language is called “freedom fighter”. Everything revolves around the survival of God’s people by themselves, for themselves and for their God only, because if they blink for a second, they ‘re gone, destroyed by the surrounding heathen Islamic tribes. My first visit to Israel was not planned, i was woken up one morning and told we ‘re going to Tel Aviv, the then capital of Israel. Dr. Felt, an autoptic consultant ophthalmologist, told me inside the plane from Dafur, Sudan that, Israel plans 3, 4 or 6 years ahead of any event; that our going to Israel was on the list of places we will visit. Truly, when I checked, our visit was planned far back in 1995!

The LNC had all these put together in its draft boat cubicles, unknown to masqueraders parading as Biafra’s freedom agitators. If the ark of the covenant, the Ahiara Declaration, is not ahead of every move, then we’re walking backward. As you can see, with all the modern scientific inventions, Israel never forget the old ways, no modernization without Torahic compass and no war without the law of God permitting it. In 2003, Israel went to war in a haste with Islamic jihadists affiliated with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) – they call themselves Hamas, in conjunction with al-Aksa intifada. There were heavy casualties on the Israeli side before Netanyahu came to strengthen the Israeli Air Force alongside with the infantry. For the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), it was a bitter lesson, even as a sovereign nation. Israel lost close to 50 soldiers and there were mourning, wailing and gnashing of teeth in every home. Why? That was their biggest loss since the 6-day war with Arab nations in 1967. Although Hamas lost more than 3,700 people, yet Israel cried more.

Like Bible that was burnt on sight by the Europeans during the early Christian era, the “Ahiara declaration”, which was originally printed in Geneva, Switzerland for the government of the Republic of Biafra, had its circulation banned by the governments of Nigeria and UK government of Great Britain. The printed books were smuggled into old Eastern Region and sold secretly after the Civil War. It reappeared after the remembrance party organized for late Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzak Rabin, in Opara Avenue, Enugu in 2001. Rabin was assassinated in 1995.

Moving in one direction with every step checked; if in tandem with our history, tradition and culture, will enable us, like Israel, to surmount every impediment put on our path towards achieving the much-expected emergence of the 7th most powerful nation on earth, the Republic of Biafra.

Author: Benjamin Kish

Posted by LONIM Secretariat
Sunday January 28, 2018