It’s Too Late for Restructuring: We Demand Oduduwa Republic Now – Says YOLICOM


The Yoruba Liberation Command (YOLICOM) has come out strongly to reject the Restructuring demand made by the Yoruba Unity Summit at Ibadan on September 7, 2017. In principle, the Yoruba political elite corps assembled to deliberate over the future of Yoruba nationality within Nigeria believe that Nigeria, if restructured into 6 federating regions, can avert impending disintegration due to escalating self-detrmination pursuit of many constituent nationalities who are intent on establishing their own new sovereign states. YOLICOM is certain that the window of attempting to salvage Nigeria through Restructuring is closed for good.

It is uncertain why the Ibadan Yoruba Unity Summit concluded on the compromise demand for Restructuring since the National Assembly (the Senate) had already voted down that option when the matter was brought before it recently. Some hope that a unified demand by the Yoruba political elite corps might be able to persuade the naysayers to Restructuring to have a second thought.

The specified demand embodied in the Ibadan Declaration, when closely parsed, entails far-reaching changes which provide no comfort for those who love the status quo and would not like to see anything change. Perhaps, the naysayers to Restructuring fear that whatever changes that are allowed shall, in due course, mushroom into many more demands. In their assessment any amendment to the status quo might end up establishing a cascade of events that shall ultimately result in the collapse of Nigeria as we know it today.

Emergent Oduduwa federation

Emergent Yoruba federation as delineated in the MNN broken map adopted during Lagos Conference declaration on June 30, 2011

YOLICOM’s stance is in concord with those of pro-Biafra-agitation groups and self-determination protagonists of the Lower Niger territory. The so-called Yoruba Unity Summit, somehow, failed to produce a unified voice for all political interest groups as indicated by the YOLICOM statement. Since there is no political will at the center in Abuja to engage the citizenry in an ordered Restructuring, the current difference bewteen YOLICOM stance and those of signatories to the Ibadan Declaration shall become moot sooner than later.

With each passing day, Nigerian nation may be approaching its final days unless a miracle supervenes.