Bridging the Gap Between Fiction & Reality in Biafra Restoration

by Chidi O. Dikeocha

Between 1966-68, more than 40,000 Biafrans were killed in the states of Northern Nigeria, including Benue. Those nonsensical killings prompted the people’s General Odumegwu Ojukwu and his brothers in the military to start taking preventive measures to ensure the safety and survival of the Biafran peoples. The General Ankra’s Aburi accord was not heeded to; therefore, forcing Ojukwu, Philip Effiong, Madiebo, Achuzia and others to consult with the chiefs and peoples of the then Eastern Region of Nigeria and agreements were reached at total secession. Chief Opigo reminded us of our original name (Biafra) and unanimously, Biafra was adopted as the name of the then-new nation.

Freedom is never given but taken; therefore, we had to fight. We fought; but for some mistakes, we lost the war. As a result of the loss, Biafra got truncated leaving some of us embracing Nigeria and the others remaining Biafrans, but of the mind alone. Biafrans of the mind got punished and a glass ceiling was set above their heads so as to prevent them from attaining their full potentials of life. It remained like this till Chief Raphael Uwazurike courageously formed MASSOB – thereby breaking what was almost an impossibility which the mere mention of Biafra openly in Nigeria was as at then. It did not come without a price. With time, he (Uwazurike) went in for it. When he came out, MASSOB’s activities, though they continued, but was weakened.

Then came our courageous elders who coalesced under IPOB (a coinage of Barr. Emeka Eziri) and later sued Nigeria under the name BILLIE Human Rights Initiative. No one can forget the Zionist movement and its leadership who zealously invaded the Enugu state government house and subsequently, got imprisoned. Then, came the IPOB in the Diaspora after a disagreement between Nnamdi Kanu and Ralph Uwazurike. At almost the same time, the Uchenna Mmadu faction of MASSOB at home emerged.

One cannot forget the academically sophisticated Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and the coalition of Southeast Human Rights Organizations. 

LONIM Road Map to self-determination is the only nonviolent and assured means to actualize the indigenous peoples’ dreams for social & economic justice for all and the rule of law.

I.P.O.B., under Nnamdi Kanu and the DOS, got Biafra agitation to its peak because of their presence on the international arena. But this feat was later marred by a high degree of corruption, falsehood, and deceptions which later resulted in defamation and character assassination. Eventually, the Radio Biafra London got registered in London with Nwakenyi Okwu Kanu as the Director. Uche Mefor, as the Secretary (owners of Radio Biafra London), has been battling with Radio Biafra International (RBi) registered in the Americas as belonging to the Indigenous peoples of Biafra (IPOB).

Though at this stage of the agitation, there have been a lot of our youths killed before now by various Nigerian governments, both the state as well as the federal levels, more got killed subsequently. Without regret, the martyrs to the struggle gave their lives. The release from detention and the sudden disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu has remained a mystery which portends two possibilities:

  • that the Nigerian government is holding him and Uche Mefor is not able to intensify the agitation and therefore, decides to play games or

  • that Nnamdi Kanu has compromised and decided to keep his cool and making do with whatever funds, available. (Uche Mefor knowing about it too)

Referendum or Mischief?

I wonder what the Biafra agitation has turned into. Our so-called leaders are now playing with our intelligence by telling us what they think will gladden our hearts even if it defies logic and reality. I do not know how long they intend to do so.

The REFERENDUM promised by Uche Mefor in March 2018 is a fraud intentionally meant to keep his miscreant majority excited for that time being. I said so because Uche Mefor cannot tell me that he is not educated enough to know what a referendum in our part of the world entails.

Any person, persons or group truly intending to talk about the referendum for Biafra must first be able do the following:

  • Must be able to make peace between our youths and our elders.
  • Must be able to make peace between our youths and the ruling class.
  • Must be able to make peace between the various agitating groups with honor giving to everyone who deserves it.

Note: For such a group to succeed in bringing about peace, especially with the ruling class and our elders, it must be armed – ready to convince some of them and have peace forced into the throats of others. After this shall come the defense of ourselves and possible economic sabotage which will give rise to negotiations and possible international mediations. Any person saying otherwise is either working for Nigeria and Britain or ignorant of what it takes to restore Biafra.

It is now left for Biafrans to know whether they really need Biafra or not.

(Constructive criticism of this piece is welcome)

Chidi O Dikeocha