On Cow Colony in Nigeria.

What is a Colony?

A Colony is a country or area under the full or partial political control of another country and occupied by settlers from that country. It is an administrative area within a country where the citizens who are from another country are governed by laws from their HOME country. A colony is semi autonomous from the country where it is located. The then Colony of Lagos was actually an extension of the UK in Africa.

The Cow Colonies measuring 5,000 hectares, which the Federal Government is proposing in each state as solution to the Fulani Herdsmen/farmers clash, is another word for internal colonization and is very dangerous.

Now, look at it this way.  Herdsmen/Cow Colonies in Plateau,  Benue, Taraba,  Osun, Bayelsa, Abia State or Enugu State,  which the Federal Government is planning, will populate the Fulanis in those areas. It will also provide the Fulani with their schools (Islamic) and they will also have their own rulers who will lead them according to the Sharia law.

Is this not an attempt to make Fulani indigenous to Central and to Southern States?

What about the issue of Government using public fund to fund and support a particular tribe in their private business and using state power to forcefully take land from indigenous farmers and give to non-native pastoralists? Where will the children of the farmers expand to if they wish to continue in their parents trade?

Cattle getting more protection that humans inhabiting the agricultural lands

Fulani herdsmen well armed with AK 47 rifles as they drive their cattle through cultivated farmlands in Middle Belt region of Nigeria

Another matter is that of the ethnic tension which this internal colonization will surely bring. Happenings all over the world have shown that multiculturalism has failed whenever a radically divergent ethnicity cannot plant itself in the midst of similar ones and refuse to assimilate without creating tension. Planting another culture among people whose culture is stack different from theirs may breed conflict in the not too distant future.

What if they start clamouring for political space? Can you stop them in 20 years time from clamouring for a political ward so that their “indigenes” can vie for elections in those states?

The more one looks, the less one sees.

And since it is now smelling like fish, that also means it is fishy.

Author undisclosed.