The Great Igbo Spirit and Embattled World Igbo – Prof. Chidi Osuagwu Explains All in Exclusive Interview on Njenje TV

It is hard to summarize the contents of this YouTube video because the area covered in this hour-long interview is vast. But the unifying theme is the detailed explanation of the concept of Igbo Gran Moun (a. k. a. the Great Igbo Spirit), which inspired the African slaves of Haiti to revolt against and defeated the French colonial army. The proclamation of Haitian independence in 1804 compelled France to sell the Louisiana Territory to the US. To punish Black-ruled Haiti and compensate France what Europeans called loss of property in Haiti, as much as twice the price paid for the Louisiana Territory purchase must be paid to France at compound inter3est. This imposition has effectively crippled the Haitian economy for centuries.

President Aristide sought to stop the nonstop bleeding of the Haitian economy by this unpayable debt that has impoverished that island nation for generations. He had formally asked for the stoppage of payment of the supposed debt owed by Haiti to France. For daring to undertake such a policy goal as the country’s head of state, the US President ordered for the removal of President Aristide from office and have him exiled in the Central African Republic. It is noteworthy that the French government and people still believe that they have a moral ground to stand upon today as they insist on nonstop extortion of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti.

The Ibo gran Moun that germinated in Haiti inspired a freedom fighter in South America, Bolivar and US abolitionist, Nat Turner, into revolutionary campaigns that ended up changing the geopolitics of North and South America for good. Igbo Gran Moun has become the universal inspiration for all who seek freedom and equitable treatment for all humanity, without exception. This worldview runs contrary to the imperial houses of Europe, from where the global trade in human cargo is remotely controlled. What the Igbo stand for in the minds of those who demand dignified self-rule for all humanity is a veritable affront to the interests of those who wish to perpetuate economic exploitation of the African as an imperative of White racial supremacy.

In the strategic calculus of former imperial houses of Western Europe, the Igbo ethnic nationality is seen as a potential obstacle to the usual hassle-free exploitation of the Blach African worldwide. The dislike for anything Igbo, no matter where domiciled in the world, has been the default policy road map for dealing with the Igbo and their empathizers. Pay attention as Prof. Osuagwu pinpointed well-documented instances when the British colonial office schemed a punitive war against the Eastern Region where most of Alaigbo is situated.

There are many other features of this interview that shall be worth whatever time invested in listening to the full video. Bon Apetit!