That National Unity Toast by US Ambassador to Nigeria: Glaring Example of Comparing Apples & Oranges

                 Stuart Symington is the US Ambassador to Nigeria

I watched with keen interest the toast proposed by the USA Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. W. Stuart Symington, on the occasion of the 241st Independence anniversary of USA (July 4th). He dwelt so much on the unity of America and related that to the agitation for a separate nation of Biafra which is currently going on in Nigeria.

He espoused the beauty and benefits of America’s unity and urged Nigerians to be united against the secessionist movement of Biafra. I was moved with emotion, especially when he applauded the American soldiers for ensuring the unity of their nation.

However, I sensed the hollowness and inchoate nature of his unity toast. He failed to tell us the ingredients used to shore up the unity of USA for 241 long years despite the Civil War more than 150 years ago.

Therefore, since I do not have his e-mail, I chose to air my view through this medium (Facebook). Maybe he can see it and proffer answers to these few questions I have for him below:


1. US soldiers as you rightly said ensured the unity of America, do they kill the American people to ensure this unity?

2. Do your leaders always tell you that the unity of America is not negotiable?

3. Why do your Presidents do State of the Union Address?

4. Since the consummation of your union and independence 241 years ago, how many additional states have you created?

5. How many local governments have you created to appease some traditional rulers or generals?

6. Sir, in your country do you have an agency called federal character commission?

7. Is there anything called quota system in your country?

8. Are you compelled to declare your state of origin, tribe and religion while completing any form or applying for any position in your country?

9. Things such as geopolitical zones, do they exist in your country?

10. Things such as indigene and settler, do they exist in your country?

11. How many ethnic groups do you have in your country?

12. What tribe are you, Sir?

13. Things such as minority and majority, do they exist in your country?

14. How does your federation function, Sir?

15. Sir, I understand some American people from California are agitating to have their own country (Republican State of California). How do you handle them? Do you criminalize them or call them frauds and terrorists? Do you round them up, shoot and kill them? Do you send others to prison without trial, even when they bear no arms? Do you charge them for treason and refuse to release them, even when the judge sets them free?

16. How was it possible for Barak Obama, an African American with known African roots, to become President in your country?

17. Do you cede part of your territory to neighboring countries (a la Bakassi) for any reason whatsoever?

18. Are things such as equity, fairness, justice and accountability difficult to come by in your country?

19. Are you forced to be united and remain United or you choose to be part of the US on your volition?

20. Lastly, Sir, will I be criminalized and hounded for daring to ask these questions by the state security apparatus?

Thank you Sir.
Someone on Facebook called MERIT NEWJOHN