The Great Debate About Igbo Future

Ndi Igbo in Diaspora to Debate Their Fate in Nigeria – January 29 to 30, 2016 in Houston, Texas.

Port Harcourt is the major seaport of Biafra.

Map of Nigeria showing Biafra territory of the civil-war period.

Ndi Igbo in Diaspora have decided to meet in Houston on the 29th of January 2016 to debate their fate in Nigeria. The move is necessitated by our past experiences and recent events in the country.

Ndi Igbo have suffered genocide, pogroms, civil war and continuous persecution in Nigeria. For decades, we have also been exploited economically, dominated politically, segregated against and humiliated spiritually. This gross injustice to humankind must not be accepted as the new normal and must not continue.

A platform for a serious discussion has been established in Houston, Texas from January 29 through January 30, 2016 to debate whether Igbo should stay in Nigeria or opt out of it in light of these experiences. Speakers will boldly confront the following question.

Does/Should Biafra represent the best aims and worthiest purpose of Ndi-Igbo in view of our experiences since the end of the Civil War?

Participants who will speak to one or the other side of the debate must support their opinions with facts and reasons devoid of sentiments. At the end of the debate which will be broadcast live in the social media, an opportunity will be set up for videoconferencing and for people to call in and participate in the voting process through email, Facebook, Twitter or any other compatible social medium.

Stay tuned for more details while you make arrangements to travel to Houston on Friday January 29 thru Saturday 30, 2016 to be a part of this epochal and history-making Debate about the Fate of Ndi Igbo in Nigeria.


Dr. J.O.S. Okeke, for the group
Dr. Oguchi Nkwocha

Cc. The File