Are Yoruba, Igbo & African Americans the Three Blind Mice?

The three groups have it in their power to uplift the entire Black race through their unity, but their mental slavery makes them to run around like three blind mice.

Yoruba and Igbo are the two largest indigenous African groups and with the African Americans, constitute the three richest Black groups due to their markets, resources and access.

Many engage in sibling rivalry instead of unifying like Ladipo Solanke united London Black students in his defense against the denigration of Igbo culture and went on to form the West African Students Union that was instrumental in the fight against colonization. Or like Nnamdi Azikiwe, who brought the Black Movement learned from Philadelphia to Africa and thereafter, sent Nkrumah to the USA to learn the same liberation techniques before he returned to unify Southern Nigerians with the help of Herbert Macauley to free Nigeria.

Unfortunately, this brief unity has been lost due to the divide-and-rule propaganda of global White supremacy.

Yoruba and Igbo now constantly abuse themselves on social media, even though many are friends in private. The likes of Adeyinka Grandson and Nnamdi Kanu became famous for leading the ignorant tribal bickering, not knowing that they were Useful Idiots used to distract our unity of origin and purpose.

The mentally enslaved Yoruba/Igbo are ignorant that they share the most defining cultural trait – Ifa/Afa, the world’s first knowledge bank and religion which defines who they are.

They have not been educated to know that they are the two oldest and largest indigenous African groups whose responsibility is to uplift the Black Race. How sad our common ancestors must be to see their two eldest descendants bringing down their indigenous African family house! When you don’t train your kids or leave their education to outsiders, this what happens.

The Useful Idiots want to establish ill-defined tribal nations without taking into consideration that their greatest enemies and enslavers, who identify them as disparate families, are united in United Kingdom, United States and United Nations!

Nnamdi Kanu & Adeyinka Grandson

Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB (left) & Adeyinka Grandson (right) are Igbo and Yoruba separatists who preach strident rhetoric of mutual hatred between the Igbo & Yoruba.

They foolishly act as if any of their tribes could have singlehandedly stopped slavery, colonization and the ongoing neo-imperialist agenda. If not for their detribalized descendants in the Black Diaspora that created the global Black movement, they would still be in physical chains. Unfortunately, the Black Diaspora can’t remove the mental chains of cultural imperialism.

In their confused minds, they refer to past wars that they fought for the White master as signs of bravery and independence. Like the Civil War whereby the British instructed the French to arm Biafrans in order to sabotage the July 1966 Northern counter coup that challenged their initial January 1966, the CIA inspired the corruption propaganda coup led by Igbo/Yoruba colonial soldiers.

Yoruba agitate for Odu’ua Republic forgetting that to do so they will have to fight the Fulani’s for the Yoruba in Kwara and Kogi states, fight the French for the Yoruba entrapped in Benin Republic while also having to contend with Edo, Ondo, Ekiti and Delta states that were always under Edo Bini Empire. Yet, Yoruba can’t produce firing pins not to talk of bullets.

Instead of unifying Southern and Central Nigeria on an indigenous African platform based on common origins, culture and collective aspirations as shown in the Confab report – the first document to truly outline the interests of indigenous Africans, they boast of using their enslavers weapons to get freedom.

Adeyinka Grandson and Nnamdi Kanu sit in United Kingdom and disunite their indigenous African family. It is a shame on our ancestors that an Igbo son can proclaim Jewish foundations built on Igbo slavery!

It was from these two groups that the largest number of African slaves were sent to the Americas. But instead of coming together to fight the “master” from inside and outside, at best, they unite in defeatist White-supremacy platforms like Pentecostalism.

They push our racial inferiority complex and self-hate from the saltwater and freshwater Negro to modern day stereotypes. Hollywood continues to inspire fiction between the continental and Diaspora Africans as we saw in the blockbuster film Black Panther.

African Americans call native Africans butt scratchers, while Yoruba call them Akata. African Americans with an average 74 percent indigenous African (Niger-Kongo ethnolinguistic groups) DNA is more African than half of those who call themselves Africans, like Afro-Asian Fulani’s who have less than 50 percent and have become more Arabic than African over thousands of years.

Personally, I have learnt a lot about African culture and religion from the African American, Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Brazilian family.

Also, my family members have married Igbo, African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans that made me realize we are basically the same people.

As much as Yoruba and Igbo might abuse themselves in public, you can see that they both know that it is not the same as quarrels with Afro-Asians like Fulani that don’t regard them as human beings.

They have lived alongside each other since evolution without a single war against each other but have lost millions in Afro-Asian and European inspired Wars.

The fight between the Yoruba, Igbo and African Americans is a fight between spoilt brats of the same rich family. The question is when shall we wake up to protect and push the family frontiers?

Without the leadership of these three groups trying to eradicate the misconceptions, the Black race will remain enslaved as White supremacy platforms continue to use divide-and-rule tactics.

Malcolm X was premier Africanist ideologue

Malcolm X was a pioneer campaigner for the solidarity of all Africans living in the Black Diaspora because we share a common heritage & destiny.

Instead of Yoruba and Igbo coming together to wrestle power from the Afro-Asiatic platform in Nigeria, while the African Diaspora fight to stop interference by USA and UK, our enslavers have found Useful Idiots in Yoruba leaders like Tinubu and the African American President Obama to sabotage the rise of the African giant that would have been uplifted by the policies of Goodluck Jonathan, a Niger Delta Igbo/Ijaw.

The same slave stereotypes of Blacks being clueless and petty thieves was used to chase President Goodluck Jonathan out and secure regime change as the average Yoruba and African American believed it.

We can’t continue to run around like three blind mice being led by our noses. We can’t continue to fall for cheap moralist propaganda that makes us work against our collective interests and aspirations of true freedom.

It was easier to unite against White supremacy during slavery and colonization, than to unite today based on our shared cultural identity. We now have African Americans deny their African roots and prefer instead to be Native Americans or Afro-Asiatic Moors.

If we as a people don’t begin to teach our children their true historic, genetic and cultural identity, then like a river that forgets its source, we shall run dry. For the lack of knowledge, Black people might perish.