Restructuring & Its Feasibility: Folk Food for Thought & Some Hard Knots & Nuts to Crack

by Prof. Chinweizu

Despite evidence of an incipient southern solidarity, pessimists are likely to believe that hoping to restructure Nigeria is utopian this late in the day in the Caliphate agenda when it is almost game, set and match to the Caliphate Jihadists. However, history shows that some presumed utopias do get realized if correct efforts are made provided that the difficulties entailed are not masked or overlooked. Even though this is a last-minute beginning of Southern solidarity, a good beginning has been made. It has finally dawned on us all that Southern unity is where we must start our journey to liberation, and that restructuring is where we need to first go.

Brining down the Sokoto Caliphate is the beginning of Nigerians' freedom

Dr. Chinweizu Ibekwe, critic, poet & journalist. His understanding of the Sokoto Islamic Caliphate and its modus operandi are exceptional.

That first step taken, how do we get there? What particular road can take us there? Let’s see if some folk wisdom can show us the next challenges we must urgently prepare to meet and overcome on our way.

How do we persuade the Caliphate colonialists to negotiate and concede the type of country that the restructuring movement wants? A type of country that is anathema to them; a type of country that, in order to avoid, they have, for the past 6 decades, made pogroms, made coups, made war and threatened war; reneged on agreements, rigged censuses, annulled and rigged elections; advanced Sharia, waged jihad, advocated and even attempted genocide. A type of country they have used every trick, threat and stratagem to avoid?

Let’s remind ourselves of the type of country the Caliphate wants and how it proposes to get it.

“The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great-grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities of the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us, and never allow them to have control over their future.”

– Sir Ahmadu Bello, Leader of the NPC and Premier of Northern Nigeria, (Parrot Newspaper, 12th Oct. 1960)

“When the British leave, we shall sweep the Ibos into the sea”

– Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto, in the Daily Times. (1954)

“North replies Asari: We subdued Yorubas & conquered the Ijaws; We will do it again.”

— Usman Faruk, (August 2012). Faruk had been the military governor of North-West State in the Yakubu Gowon regime.

“We can do away with 20 million [Niger Delta] militants for the rest 120 million Nigerians to live.”

— Bala Ibn N’Allah of Kebbi State (2009). This is an incitement to genocide by a Caliphate member of the Nigerian House of Representatives.

Above is extracted from the following excerpt:

“What is happening in the Niger Delta is pure criminality of the highest order, arising from total disregard for constituted authority. In Iraq, thousands of people lost their lives because of an insurrection against the government during the reign of former Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein. We can do away with 20 million militants for the rest 120 million Nigerians to live.” (emphasis added)

–Bala Ibn N’Allah of Kebbi State (2009). (The Guardian, Thursday, May 28, 2009).

Islamic ruler of Northern Region

Late Ahmadu Bello (center), arguably the most influential overseer of the Sokoto Caliphate since its founder, Uthman Dan Fodio

There we have it in their own words: the type of Nigeria which the Caliphate has been building these six decades, and insists on getting and keeping forever!

Yes, Southerners rightly want a new deal in Nigeria. But do the Caliphate Colonialists? And why should they?

For a reality check, let’s remind ourselves that the 1914 Amalgamation was effected as a marriage between the North, as the husband, and the South, as the wife. That gave the North, as husband, all the aces.

Ray Ekpu has reported that, at some recent seminar OBJ stated, the Nigerian union is a husband-wife union.

Obasanjo’s thesis at the seminar was that we have a large enough cake to go round which is correct. He also said our relationship, as component groups, is like that of a husband and his wife. That is where the problem lies. I hope he was joking because in the Nigerian context, the husband is the master and the wife is virtually the slave.

Well, OBJ wasn’t joking, he was reporting the facts. That’s exactly how Lord Harcourt, the amalgamator, described the union he was sending Lugard to effectuate.

Lord Harcourt’s statement is quoted in Chinweizu, Caliphate Colonialism, the Taproot of the Trouble with Nigeria, Lagos: Clear Coast Communications, 2015.  pp. 16-17.

Or search for Harcourt in

Caliphate Colonialism-The taproot of the trouble with Nigeria (Shekere)

Unfortunately for the South, it is a fact that the amalgamation of 1914 gave the North, as husband, all the aces.

Here is the relevant segment: – “We have released Northern Nigeria from the leading strings of the Treasury. The promising and well conducted youth is now on an allowance of his own and is about to effect an alliance with a Southern lady of means. I have issued the special license and Sir Fredrick Lugard will perform the ceremony. May the union be fruitful and the couple constant”.

British imperialist and colonial administrator in Africa

Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, the Amalgamator of Colonial Nigeria. The English adventurer and mercenary soldier laid the foundation for the Nigerian Army that ended up ruining post-Independence Nigeria.

— Secretary of the Colonies, Lord Harcourt, boss of Fredrick Lugard, referring to the import and purport of the annexation of then Protectorate of Southern Nigeria with the then Protectorate of Northern Nigeria, Cablegram of 31st December 1913.

Folk wisdom from the old Wild West in America says: A man with four aces doesn’t ask for a new deal.

And the Caliphate still has all the aces today: The Nigerian government with its oil revenue, its propaganda apparatus, diplomacy organs and security forces; their fraudulent constitution with its fake democracy; their Boko Haram Jihad army and Fulani ethnic cleansing militia; and the mumu (chronic ignorance/or is it stupidity) of the non-Caliphate Nigerians.

While having all the aces, why would the Caliphate want or accept a new deal?

How can you get them to want, accept, and abide by, a new deal? That’s Riddle #1. Put differently, Riddle #1 states: If a cat is living in a cage with mice, what would get the cat to want, agree to, and abide by, a rule that forbids carnivorousness, and mousing (eating mice) specifically?

Let’s assume you answer Riddle #1.

You’ve brought the horse to the water. Now, how do you make him to drink? And drink your water whose taste he finds bitter, and hates with a passion?

People do not give up their colonies, power or privileges unless they must. And even then, few are wise enough to do so gracefully before they are overthrown and compelled. And that is what, in asking for restructuring, we seem to be expecting the Caliphate Colonialists to do: gracefully surrender the power of the husband that was given to them in 1914, and which they have done everything to retain since 1959. Will they surrender their hard won power?

Not bloody likely, given their track record and their Jihad agenda. Furthermore, as one eminent historian has pointed out: “Those in power never give way, and admit defeat only to plot and scheme to regain their lost power and privilege.”  That was exactly what the Caliphate did to the Aburi Accord and to June 12.

So, how do we get them to negotiate away their power at some Restructuring Conference assuming, by some miracle, we bring them there?

Folk wisdom from the old Wild West also says: A Smith & Wesson (gun) beats four aces. If we get the Caliphate to the restructuring conference table by solving Riddle #1, where is our political equivalent of a Smith & Wesson to beat his four aces?

That’s Riddle #2.

In approaching these two riddles, let’s first determine the following preliminaries:

1] Does an answer actually exist for each?

2] If it does, then what is it?

3] Can we get and apply it before the October 1, 2017 deadline?

Fermat’s Last Theorem has a proof, but it took 3½ centuries to find it. Our riddles may have solutions, but we don’t have the luxury of 3½ centuries to find them. We have just three months to find, and then use them to win our victory by effecting a divorce from our wife-tormenting husband and enslaver.

Precolonial Lower Niger anchored Nigeria

Emerging federations include the Lower Niger territory, a precolonial delimitation that corresponds to 1st Republic’s Eastern & Midwestern Regions. Map was adopted by the MNN in June 2011.

We, therefore, need all hands and minds on deck to answer and solve these riddles and preliminary questions.

It is also said that the best way to have a good idea is to have lots and lots of ideas. So, let’s all go at it and pour out all the ideas we can dream up. The sorting out of the useful from the rest will come later.

By the way, to solve these riddles and crack these knots and nuts are for all non-Caliphate Nigerians who want a genuine restructuring of Nigeria, whether they are from the SW, SS, SE, or MB (what I call the New South: i.e. south of the Caliphate’s Shariyaland). They all need to join in the search. So, let’s get them all involved in this search for answers; let the South reach out and bring in the Middle Belt in this search for answers.