Lower Niger comprises Eastern and Midwestern Regions of Nigeria. The Lower Niger was mapped out during the peak of scramble for Africa by Imperial Britain as prime colonial real estate of special interest along the shoreline and contiguous hinterland of the Bight of Biafra. The territory is inhabited by 6 major ethnocultural groupings: Ijaw, Edo, Igbo, Urhobo & Itsekiri, Ibibio, Ekoi (see 1885 Lower Niger map). Lower Niger was arbitrarily coupled into what is now Nigeria through the infamous Amalgamation of 1914. Lower Niger is the goose that lays the golden egg on which Nigeria’s national economy depends almost entirely for survival since past 50 years.

  1. Yet, our folks are the most marginalized in Nigeria when it comes to sharing of the national cake.
  2. Yet, our ancestral lands are the most devastated and desecrated by environmental pollution, topsoil & gully erosion and urban squalor.
  3. Yet, our region’s economy has been chronically relegated by usurpers from distant cultures and faraway lands through the deliberate shuttering of our once very vibrant Eastern regional economy.
  4. Yet, the bullets paid for with wealth derived from our ancestral lands are being used to kill our angry youths who protest against our peoples’ enslavement in our own home turf.
    Corridor shuttered since the Civil War

    Shuttered Nigerian Eastern Economic Corridor (NEEC) abandoned in utter neglect by the Eastern political and business elite corps in preference for Lagos which is hundreds of miles to the west of their ancestral homeland.

So, the Lower Niger Movement (LNM) was birthed to offer succor and redemption to our folks by reasserting the unalienable right of indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger to determine our fate by ourselves in our own ancestral lands without any interference or imposition, whatsoever, by outside interests. The Lower Niger Congress (LNC) is the organizational engine that drives the LNM.

How Can I Be Part of The Lower Niger Movement?

You don’t need to join the LNC as member of the organization in order to become part of the LNM. You can remain in whatever organized entity you belong to and still become an important driver for the movement. LNM is anchored on the doctrine and dogma of self-determination for all indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger, in particular and all other suppressed/enslaved peoples in Nigeria and entire world, in general. If you truly believe in the fundamental tenets of self-determination as delineated by the 2007 United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), then you have met the basic requirement to be regarded as an arch protagonist of the LNM.

Goal of the LNM

  1. Restore the sovereign will of indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger over all our ancestral lands and the God-given wealth embedded within them.

  2. Derive and live under a federal constitution that is produced and ratified by “We the people…….” to guarantee and protect the indigenous sovereign rights of all constituents of the Lower Niger.

Call to Action

Volunteer to join the foot soldiers of the “land army” preparing for Lower Niger Referendum for Self-determination. Go to to REGISTER as a volunteer TODAY!

Stand-alone flyer of this message formatted in PDF can be accessed by clicking on this link