Savage Extrajudicial Killings of Hundreds of Pro-Biafra Youths Agitating for Their People’s Self-determination During Operation “Python Dance” II by Nigerian Army in September 2017


We Are the World” musical background helps one to better appreciate the horrors being wrought by Nigeria’s President Buhari whose governance legacy shall be predicated on the the many thousands of his fellow citizens who met their untimely deaths through extrajudicial killings of the innocent. As the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces, President Buhari perpetrates his gory agenda primarily through the central government’s security outfits. But other nongovernmental murderous groups, such as the Boko Haram, Fulani Islamists herdsmen militia and the teeming unemployed hordes (Amajiris) who rampage in streets of the Arewa North, have taken the clue from the incumbent Head of State by unleashing mayhem on otherwise law-abiding citizens within their reach by killing them “without cause”.

Since the Buhari presidency, the Fulani herdsmen militia have butchered thousands of Nigerians across the country, especially in the Middle Belt Region and the South. Victims of this Islamist militia are the sedentary farming communities who are being ethnically cleansed from well targeted areas with the goal of seizing their ancestral lands for conversion into fresh pastures for grazing cattle herds owned by nomadic Fulani herdsmen roaming the territory. Gruesome murders frighten the indigenous peoples to flee to safer climes thereby creating a new class of Nigerians called the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). IDPs in Middle Belt region of Nigeria run into millions despite the fact that the outside world know little about this brewing human disaster unleashed since President Muhammadu Buhari’s arrival at the citadel of power at the Aso Rock Villa, Abuja.

The greatest killing machine in today’s Nigeria, of course, are the illiterate brainwashed Islamist fundamentalists in the Nigerian Army who are specifically deployed through special orders from above to visit terror to inhabitants of parts of the Middle Belt Region and Southern Nigeria that are inhabited by majority Christian population. For the second year in a row, Muhammadu Buhari  has sent this cadre of troops into civil-war Biafra territory in Southeast Nigeria to crackdown on unarmed nonviolent youths of Igbo ancestry whose “crime” is having pro-Biafra sympathy and for engaging in peaceful agitation for their peoples’ self-determination rights. In the past one week, hundreds of youths were summarily shot dead in the cities of Umahia and Aba in Abia state, and surrounding territory in Southeast Nigeria. Photos taken of these recent extrajudicial killings are the images displayed in this YouTube video.

Lower Niger Independence Movement (LONIM) & Its Game Plan for Self-determination Referendum

Many self-determination groups in eastern half of Southern Nigeria, an area referred to as the Lower Niger in precolonial era, recently convened in Washington, DC, USA and resolved to coalesce their efforts under the auspices of emergent LONIM. Two priority projects adopted by LONIM is to create the Lower Niger Referendum Committee as well as the Lower Niger Referendum Fund with which to support the indigenous population’s self-determination quest.

Landmark occasion in annals of the Lower Niger Movement

Panoramic view of constituents of the Lower Niger converge at instance of the Lower Niger Congress to ratify the scheduled 2017 Lower Niger Referendum & the Charter Drafting Committee

We appeal to men and women of conscience worldwide to come to LONIM’s aid by either registering to become a Volunteer or by contributing whatever they can toward the Referendum Fund. Please, go to and place the cursor over the Referendum Menu tab. In drop-down list highlighted, select either the Referendum Fund ( Volunteer icon. Alternatively, you may click on the CONTRIBUTE HERE icon in the Main menu tab. All funds donated are captured through a secure PayPal application which guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of all transactions as well as the security of all personal information and data as a matter of routine.

We are indeed the world because we have the power to intervene positively to stop the evil being perpetrated against the vulnerable and innocent peoples worldwide wherever they are found. Only the issuance of criminal indictments and arrest of General Buhari and his murderous commanders can put a final stop to the ongoing extrajudicial butchery whose sample pictures are portrayed in this YouTube video. But, in the interim, you can play your own part in a positive way by stepping up to pitch in whatever you can to support the Referendum Fund or by volunteering to join the ongoing grassroots mobilization effort among the indigenous ethnic nationalities being spearheaded under the aegis of LONIM.