The End of Our Bondage in Unitary Nigeria Begins with Takedown of the 1999 Constitution – says LNC

Now that everyone knows that the miseries of Nigeria flow from the Sokoto Caliphate-imposed, apartheid-like constitution of Nigeria and there is a countrywide repudiation and rejection of the 1999 Constitution, it is within the reach of the Alliance Territory to act together to take down the toxic 1999 Constitution along with the unworkable Unitary union it foists on stakeholders.

Some have been asking the question: “What Exactly Should We Do to Take Down the 1999 Constitution in Order to Free Ourselves from Bondage?”

The answer is simple.

All that the peoples of the Alliance Territory (i.e. the Lower Niger, Oodualand, and the Middle Belt who have repudiated the 1999 Constitution but who are still being tormented by the Caliphate which clings tenaciously to that 1999 Constitution to draw absolute power from which they dispense evil and death to others) need to do now (in 2019) is to decisively reject any further national elections in 2023 under the fraudulent 1999 Constitution. This simple act shall compel a transitioning that would ease out the master-servant constitutional order and from hence, midwife successor-protocols which would be anchored on the unfettered self-determination rights of the constituent components of Nigeria that shall be expressed and ratified through Referendums and Plebiscites.

North-south divide altered by Sharia.

On the left is the North-South divide at Independence of 1960. On the right is the evolving Sharia-secular geopolitical divide reflecting the choice of the Middle Belt indigenous peoples.

Whether we seek Independence, Restructuring, or even just good governance, the chief roadblock to all that at this moment is the 1999 Unitary Constitution of Nigeria. So, we cannot honestly be clamoring for Independence, Restructuring or good governance, on the one hand, and on the other hand, be subscribing to further national elections under the 1999 Constitution, which makes any of those three destinations impossible.

For every election that is allowed to take place under the 1999 Constitution, we reinforce our bondage, enslavement and impoverishment since the winners of such elections MUST first swear to preserve, defend and uphold the atrocious 1999 Constitution.

It is within our reach right now, in 2019, to embrace and deploy the extrication framework offered us by the Multi-Region FREEDOM PARK PROCLAMATION of December 11, 2018, especially now that we have seen the overall outcome of the 2019 general elections. (Here is the link to the news report of that Proclamation ( – full video available at

Here also is the link to the Full text of that Freedom Park Proclamation

More than anyone else, the people responsible for the continuing misery of the South and Middle Belt are the political merchants from that bloc (our own people in politics) who, in utter greed, subscribe to and seek power under the death-dispensing 1999 Constitution in our collective names, waving the flags of various political parties. The greatest enabler of this wickedness is our own ignorance in plunging with them into general elections mandated by the evil 1999 Constitution. It is like marching ourselves willfully to Golgotha for the slaughter and the nonstop torment we regularly witness all around us.

freedom Park Proclamation by NINAS

The Freedom Park Proclamation of December 11, 2018 by the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS) defined the solidarity of Southern & Middle Belt Nigeria to contain the Arewa North.

It is very much within our reach to stop these political-merchant renegades and traitors before they begin to rally us to future general elections cycle scheduled for 2023 under the rejected 1999 Constitution, which would only deepen our bondage while the criminals reap humongous personal fortunes.

The so-called civil society bandwagon, which chants “Free, Fair & Credible Elections” under the worse-than-Apartheid 1999 Constitution, comprises criminals and opportunists hankering after donor agencies’ funding.

The LNC and its MNN Alliance partners will, in the days ahead, provide guidance and direction assuming that we are willing to extricate ourselves from the Union of Death, Attrition and Backwardness made possible by the imposed fraudulent 1999 Constitution.

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Mr. Tony Nnadi
LNC Secretary-General
November 7, 2019