EU Condemns & Cautions Nigerian Military; Rejects the Declaration of IPOB as A Terrorist Organization

Following the brutal and inhuman video of the Nigerian army against the invasion, terrorism, and killings of IPOB members, which has been going viral over the Internet. The president of the EU commission Mr. Jean-Claude Junker has openly made a serious touching statement as well as warning the Nigerian security personnel against their ill-hearted and lack of professionalism in handling democratic issues and human rights of the people… Junker directed a serious caution towards the Nigerian military chiefs stating that they must employ every democratic tenet in handling issues that concern the disgruntled and nonviolent agitations.

“It is the people’s right to agitate and make a request from their government, self-determination is a right enshrined in the United Nation Charter. The people of BIAFRA have every right to request for a referendum, they have been in this struggle for a while now they have never killed or shot a bullet, instead they are the victims of attacks and murder. The entire EU hereby condemns the brutal attack on IPOB members and leadership under the pretentious disguise of a military exercise (Operation Python Dance). Nigerian military is warned to adopt democratic tenets in handling its citizens. The EU will not sit and watch things go undemocratic in the largest economy of the West African region, the EU boss cautioned.

Mass killings of IPOB sympathizers

Mass killings of suspected IPOB sympathizers in the neighborhood of Umuahia, were used to introduce the Nigerian Army’s Operation Python Dance II in Southeast geopolitical zone inhabited by the Igbo ethnic nationality.

Furthermore, Mr. Junker has promised to raise the issues concerning the people’s request for a REFERENDUM among the caucus of the EU. He further stated that the Biafra request for a Referendum is no different from that of the Catalonians and the British. Nigeria government must rise above insubordination and handle issues with every tenet of maturity and democracy.