General Elections in Nigeria – Time to Invent & Tell Lies to the Gullible Electorate

The “419” Quotes That Tricked Nigerians in 2015 General Elections:

  1. ”A serious government will fix power problem in six months.” – Babatunde Raji Fashola (November 12, 2014)

  2. ”Stone us [APC] if we do not perform after two years.” – Tony Momoh ( April 3, 2016, The Guardian)

  3. ”The only way to have stable electricity is to vote out PDP.” – Babatunde Raji Fashola (July 12, 2014, The Nation)

  4. ”We seriously frown at President Goodluck Jonathan, over the unceremonious removal of the Group Managing Director of NNPC, Mr. Andrew Yakubu.” – (APC, August 4, 2014, Channels TV)

  5. ”It’s time to Restructure Nigeria: The present situation of things where all component units get a monthly allocation from the Federal Government only makes the states lazy and unproductive.” – Nasiru El-Rufai (August 2010)

  6. ”Jonathan should resign if he has no solution to the violence being unleashed on some parts of the country.” – Nasiru El-Rufai (August 2012)

  7. ”The only solution to the present political uncertainty in the country is for the National Assembly to set the machinery in motion for the impeachment of ailing President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.” – Muhammadu Buhari (March 10, 2010, Sun Newspapers)

  8. ”Waste: Let me give an instance, presently, there are more than 6 aircraft in the presidential fleet. What do you call that? “Billions of naira is budgeted every year for the maintenance of these aircraft not to talk of operational cost and other expenses.” – Muhammadu Buhari (February 2015, Nigerians in the UK)

  9. ”We intend, for instance, to bring back our National carrier, the Nigeria Airways. We shall do this by bringing all the aircraft in the presidential fleet into the Nigeria Airways and within a year increase the fleet into about 20.” -Muhammadu Buhari (February 2015, Nigerians in the UK)

  10. ”Why do I need to embark on a foreign trip as a president with a huge crowd with public funds?

  11. ”Why do I need to go for a foreign medical trip if we cannot make our hospital functional?” – Muhammadu Buhari (February 2015, Nigerians in the UK)

    PDP/APC are birds of a feather

    PDP and APC are like two faces of the same coin. APC emerged as the ruling party simply because long-term members of the PDP, including its founding executive leader, President Obasanjo, abandoned PDP to join and beef up the neophyte APC in the run-up to 2015 general elections.

  12. ”Why is the nation’s currency, the Naira, now trading for N180 per Dollar, while the South African Rand is trading at R11 to one United States Dollar?” – Babatunde Raji Fashola (Dec 26, 2014, The Nation)

  13. ”Give Nigerians a daily update on the health of President Umaru Yar’Adua to stem the growing rumors surrounding his state of health.” – Lai Mohammed (December 21, 2009, The Nation)

  14. ”Amaechi is not only clean but a tool to free Nigeria from the corruption imposed on us by those who hate our nation.” – APC (October 24, 2016, Vanguard)

  15. ”The recent proscription of Boko Haram and Ansaru violates the Constitution.” – Lai Mohammed (June 10, 2013, The Nation

Be careful of what you say today because of tomorrow.