Self-taught Genius Builds Flying Mini Aircraft From Scratch in Oghara, Delta State, Nigeria


This is the sort of audiovisual documentary that should go viral. This young man, Aghogho, possesses what legendary geniuses are made of. He is curious, imaginative, hardworking and persistent. It is quite interesting that this young man got his inspiration from out of the blue to build a flying machine – an aircraft for that matter. Mastery of aerodynamics by a self-taught village upstart is absolutely phenomenal. It shows that our people do indeed have all the essential attributes for building a robust domestic economy that can compete effectively on the international arena.

He gave up pursuit of formal education through the system that exists in Nigeria, hunkered down in his hometown and went into research so as to find out what he did not know. What a Renaissance young man! The processes he went through before getting the aircraft he built to actually fly are what great books are written about. It is indeed amazing that the aircraft can take off, fly high, maneuver in the air and then land safely – all done through remotely controlled mechanism.

It is highly regrettable that Nigeria still does not have an industrial manufacturing base to talk of. Our economy is importation-driven and no visible effort is being made to reverse the situation. As long as this mindset holds sway at the national policy-making level, geniuses like Aghogho shall continue to while away their time, knowhow and determination in the back alleys of Delta state, Nigeria without any opportunity, whatsoever, to improve his socioeconomic wellbeing despite his God-given talents.

Aghogho badly needs sponsorship to travel elsewhere within Nigeria or overseas so as to participate in shows and fairs which shall provide him with a much-needed exposure to showcase his talents and accomplishments. This young man has shown that, with a small amount of investment capital, he can establish a functional manufacturing outfit for indigenously produced mini aircrafts and drones which can be marketed locally or exported. This is a place where the Nigerian academic institutions or appropriate government ministries can step in and make things to happen.

We Can Help Aghogho

Let’s assist this young man by, at least, making sure that as many eyeballs as humanly possible can get to see and appreciate what this wonder boy has been able to achieve through his own means. Maybe such exposure via social networks by folks like you can help Aghogho to take his skills and talent to another level beyond the confines of Oghara.