Yoruba Youths Demand Severance from Hausa/Fulani-dominated Nigeria, Reject Restructuring – Young Yoruba for Freedom Debuts Its Stance


This video was made by leadership of Young Yoruba for Freedom which is an affiliate of the Movement for Oduduwa Republic and Yoruba Liberation Command. As a youth group, the Young Yoruba for Freedom is action-driven from its very debut. The activist group is decidedly in opposition to pursuit of geopolitical Restructuring as the preferred path for redeeming the tottering Nigerian Republic and instead has declared its commitment to actualization of the Oduduwa Republic ASAP.

Its core strategy, according to the group’s leader, rejects advance commitment to nonviolence; a tactic which invariably resulted to failures in the past. Martin Luther-King, Jr. of the US and President Madiba Mandela of South Africa are described by the Yoruba youth leader, Adeyinka Gradson, as failures in their respective quests to secure freedom for the peoples led by them because of the “unwise” reliance on nonviolence in fighting against extremely violent oppressive machines of racist America and White-imposed apartheid. Because of conciliatory disposition of Dr. MLK, Jr. and Mandela, arbitrary killing of US Blacks still persists till date while 85% of South Africa’s arable land is still owned and controlled by the Whites despite national rule by indigenous Africans for more than two decades.

The Yoruba Youth for Freedom is unique because of its preferred tactics. The group’s leadership has identified four important matters whose implementation shall definitely impact the national political economy and of course, get the undivided attention of Hausa/Fulani North. Renaming the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Nigerian Stock Exchange and the Ahmadu Bello Way that terminates on the Atlantic beach are symbolic but are carefully picked targets which can help in disseminating Yoruba youths’ resentment down to the grassroots level once implemented. The most consequential move economically is, of course, is the scheme to bring the Nigeria Customs, which has served as cash cow for Hausa/Fulani in past 50 years, to return to direct and exclusive control of indigenous Yoruba who own the lands on which the seaports are situated.

Nigeria’s nationhood is steadily drifting toward the point of no return as an increasing number of the country’s major constituents have resolved to reject the unacceptable status quo which was put in place to serve the exclusive interests of Hausa/Fulani Islamist oligarchs. The main reason why the Nigerian Eastern Economic Corridor (NEEC) was shuttered by post-war autocrats ruling the country for past half century was to funnel all importations into Nigeria through ONLY the seaports of Lagos where a single Customs command center controlled by the Hausa/Fulani can effectively cash in on all goods that enter the country. This shall be a resounding economic coup when implemented as is being articulated by the Yoruba youths group.

Emergent Oduduwa federation

Emergent Yoruba federation as delineated in the MNN broken map adopted during Lagos Conference declaration on June 30, 2011

Restructuring of Nigeria has now been rejected by the Arewa Youths, Young Yoruba for Freedom, pro-Biafra self-determination groups and the National Assembly (the Senate). It is only the Ohanaeze Ndiigbo that appears to be still gong-ho about Restructuring  for reasons that are becoming increasingly hard to fathom. But one sociocultural Igbo association lacks what it would take to restructure Nigeria on its own. Perhaps, the days of discourse about Restructuring as a plausible means for resolving Nigeria’s worsening existential crises are fast coming to an end.

With each passing day, it is becoming increasingly likely that Nigeria’s fate shall follow the path blazed by the former Soviet Union three decades ago.