Buhari, Crazy Idiot, Stop Killing the People – Demands a Turkish Political Leader Enraged by Killing of Biafran Youths


The global outrage against the incessant killings of defenseless unarmed nonviolent pro-Biafra youths agitating for their self-determination rights within the confines of their ancestral lands in Southeast Nigeria is on the upsurge. The current escalation in extrajudicial killings of ardent followers of the IPOB “supreme leader”, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, was triggered by Nigeria Army’s deployment throughout Igbo heartland in Southeast Nigeria by President Muhammadu Buhari who is also the Commander-in-chief of the country’s armed forces. For the second year in a row, General Buhari has deployed divisions of combat-ready army troops into the civil-war Biafra territory for months of purported military exercise code-named operation “Python Dance”. Timing of this military deployment is timed to coincide with the end-of-year festivities of the Christmas and New-Year holidays in this majority-Christian part of Nigeria.

The obviously irate Turkish political leader who recorded this YouTube video in Istanbul, economic capital city of Turkey, is calling on Nigeria’s president and military strongman, Muhammadu Buhari to stop killing unarmed nonviolent pro-Biafran youths simply because they are peacefully demonstrating against the culture of systemic injustice against their people by the central government dominated by Northern Nigeria Islamist political leladers. The Turk, as a Muslim, cautions President Buhari, who is a fellow Muslim with him, that it a sinful act to murder defenseless unarmed persons for mere political reasons. The Turkish politician wondered aloud why Buhari would prefer summary executions of his perceived political adversaries within a democracy instead of seeking dialogue.

Repeatedly, President Buhari was vehemently cajoled to stop killing the people who he paradoxically is keen on compelling to remain as fellow citizens of the Nigerian nation state over which he oversees at this time. The feeble and ailing Buhari is reminded that his demise is likely imminent and thus should be mindful of the Divine Judgement that awaits him soon after his death. Buhari’s extrajudicial killings constitute a crime against humanity. If he does not live long enough to get justice at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague, he shall surely be made to answer for his many iniquities in the life after.

Obdurate Buhari is tone-deaf just like the other world’s well-known dictators. He is consumed by the notion of his own self-righteousness steeped in fundamentalist Islamist belief that killing of non-Muslims (a. k. a. the non believers) is an act of piety in Islam. The logic in his twisted mind could be that killing more and more of Christian youths of Southeast Nigeria shall grant him an express ticket to Paradise and seven virgins after his death. Another Muslim from a majority-Muslim country, Turkey, berates Buhari to desist from his sinful pastime because his heinous acts shall surely catch up with him sooner than he anticipates.

Even after hearing it from the horse’s mouth, shall the bonehead, Buhari, take heed? For those who are aware of President Buhari’s publicly stated solemn oath to drown Nigeria and its citizenry in the Atlantic Ocean rather than to ever engage in any dialogue concerning the status of unitary Nigeria, which he deems to be “settled forever and thus nonnegotiable”.