We Believe In The Universal Right To Self-Determination

It is the US Constitution that first invoked the inalienable rights of humans to live free from subjugation by fellow humans under the pretext of colonizing or civilizing them. This historical document written nearly two and half centuries ago remains poignant today as shown by the many other nation states which have imitated the US Constitution due to its profound enunciations on people’s right to seek self-determination, freedom and liberty.

We believe that the 1999 Constitution on which Nigeria’s 4th Republic is based is both fraudulent and unjust.  The subsisting 1999 Constitution is an imposition which was not written by “we the people” despite the lie on the document’s first page that was started with the phrase “We the people………” A court of law in Nigeria has since adjudged the claim that constitution was written by the true stakeholders of the country to be false.

The current Nigerian Constitution is a mere compilation of all the errant and arbitrary decrees and edicts issued since the military seized power in 1966 until the time of the strongmen’s exit in 1999.  We, therefore, believe that no democracy can be built and sustained based on a master-servant constitution which Nigeria operates in this 4th Republic.

It is either Nigerians rise up en masse and destroy the fraudulent imposition called the 1999 Constitution or this errant document shall, sooner than later, destroy Nigeria as a nation state.