We are Inspired by the Power of Self-Redemption

Our team has emerged and evolved based on a shared faith in the right of all Nigerians, particularly the indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger, to live free in their own ancestral homeland without any imposition by external interest groups from within the country or elsewhere. It is with this mindset that some conscientious and patriotic compatriots decided to put their efforts together to seek a new path to freedom for enslaved peoples of post-colonial Nigeria based on unity of purpose and pursuit of excellence.


Mr. Fred Agbeyegbe, Esq., President of Lower Niger Congress (LNC), is a seasoned legal professional and quintessential playwright who lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He hails from the Itsekiri ethnic minority which inhabits the western end of the Niger River Delta. He is a proud Itsekiri man who resents being diminished by anyone or group simply because he belongs to an ethnic nationality that may not be as populous as the rest out there. His being at the head of LNC lends credence to the Congress’ claim to be the arrowhead of Lower Niger Self-Determination Movement./fusion_text]

Mr. Tony Nnadi, Esq., Secretary General of Lower Niger Congress (LNC), is an experienced legal practitioner who resides in Lagos, Nigeria. He hails from the Igbo ethnic nationality which lies in the geographical hub of the Lower Niger territorial landmass. Mr. Nnadi has worked with other political activist groups within the country like NADECO, PRONACO, Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) which share similar beliefs in right to self-determination for all indigenous peoples whose ancestral homelands comprise Nigeria.

Okenwa R. Nwosu, M.D., a medical doctor, lives in the Maryland suburb of Washington, DC, USA. He is the Chairman of Lower Niger Congress – USA (LNC-USA). He is a tenacious advocate for the right of the indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger to determine their own fate by themselves without interference or imposition by external interests.

Paschal C. Ukpabi, Esq., the Executive Director of LNC-USA, is a legal practitioner who lives in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He is a powerful and consistent protagonist for the right to self-determination of all the indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger, in particular and other parts of Middle Belt and beyond, in general.