Referendum Fund

Some estimate that the proposed Lower Niger Referendum shall engage as many as 50 million people who inhabit the most densely populated part of Nigeria in an exercise that is anticipated to be concluded within a 24-hour period or so.  This is more than a quarter of the country’s total population. The Referendum, therefore, is going to be a daunting logistical undertaking which shall require all the manpower and material resources that we can mobilize in order to ensure that the process is smooth, orderly and peaceful.

Since no one anticipates the central government of Nigeria and its peripheral outlets to contribute or assist toward the planning and execution of the 2017 Lower Niger Referendum, the LNC has established a robust fundraising platform to lead the effort at mobilizing the manpower and material resources, including cash, which shall be deployed in all the villages, hamlets, towns and cities in the target area to prepare the people for this epoch-making event.

Avenues for Fundraising

Registration of Individuals

Use the platform created in to REGISTER yourself today. Ensure that all required fields are properly filled so as to provide this interface the needed information for matching resources to needs at ground zero where the Referendum exercise shall actually be carried out.

Registration of Groups

Associations, clubs, social groups, fraternities, age grades etc, both within Nigeria and in the Diaspora, are urged to demonstrate their solidarity with the Lower Niger movement’s overall agenda and the scheduled 2017 Referendum by REGISTERING in the LNC database as created and monitored via the LNC-USA website.

Registration of Hometowns

As part of compilation of the necessary database for conduct of the Referendum, all communities in the Lower Niger territory shall be registered. Individuals and groups can opt to REGISTER their hometowns in the Register To Vote homepage.  Schedules of required registration fees as well as the conduits for their payment shall be made available in due course.

This website is one of the primary mediums for contributing the much needed funds to ensure that you and your family’s future will be determined by you.  Please take this opportunity to DONATE, whatever you can, today.

I believe that each Nigerian state or region should have self-determination and autonomy, like in the United States. After all, that is how a “Federal Republic” should operate.
John Ebie, Rivers State
I used to believe in One Nigeria, but the level of corruption and neglect has caused me to re-think a centrally controlled government, where the ordinary citizen has no real voice. The ability for each state to manage their own resources and affairs will significantly increase accountability and reduce corruption.
Mary Ovia, Delta State
Why must Enugu State wait for Abuja to fix the power problem in Nigeria when we have abundance of coal in Enugu. Why isn’t the Oji River Plant up-and-running? Why must we wait for Abuja to allocate resources to Enugu State in order to fix the Oji River Plant, or to handle the gully erosion in my village? This is ridiculous!
Daniel Okeke, Enugu State